Tailor-made legal and regulatory solutions for airlines

With over 30 years of combined experience working for major European and global airlines, Croon Callaghan Aviation Consulting understands the day-to-day realities facing the aviation industry. Let us work with you to design and implement solutions that achieve your commercial objectives, reduce your costs and improve your efficiency.



Our unique mix of legal and regulatory experience, together with our years working at the executive level for major international airlines, means that we can work with your organization to implement practical, cost-efficient solutions for key strategic issues affecting your company.

Strategic advice 

Our years of representing our former carriers at all levels in Brussels and at the national level means that we “speak the language” and have an extensive network.  We are therefore able to effectively lobby for our clients’ interests.

Government Affairs

EU261 Solution

Croon Callaghan has developed a unique approach for addressing this difficult piece of  passenger legislation in the EU. We look at the problem from the carrier’s perspective and offer a practical, cost-effective solution.



Croon Callaghan Aviation Consulting is a partnership of two former airline General Counsels who specialize in fit-for-purpose legal and regulatory solutions for airlines.



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