Croon Callaghan Aviation Consulting has vast experience in all aspects of airline operations and corporate/commercial transactions having worked as part of “the team” while inhouse with some of the most innovative and fast-growing airlines in the industry.  We therefore understand the challenges airlines face and will work with you to come up with effective solutions for your strategic initiatives.


The airline industry is highly fragmented and heavily regulated.  Airlines commonly seek to benefit from cost savings and other synergies through various forms of cooperation.  Both of our founding partners were involved in new start-ups and ventures between existing carriers, including M&As, joint ventures and commercial cooperations.


However, these efforts must be carefully structured in order not to fall foul of competition laws, ownership and control rules, etc.  Croon Callaghan Aviation Consulting can help airlines and investors to identify and avoid the risks and pitfalls in this area.

The aviation industry is one of the most heavily regulated industries in the world.  Safety must always be paramount and air transport continues to be one of the safest forms of transport as a result.


However, airlines face several challenges when it comes to dealing with the regulatory landscape in Europe.  Aviation is often perceived as a “cash cow” and regulators tax and regulate it in areas other than safety.  Traditionally, the airline industry has been notoriously bad at representing their interests to regulators and much of the bad regulation results from a fundamental lack of understanding by regulators of the operational complexities and huge benefits that aviation brings to consumers and the wider economy.


Croon Callaghan Aviation Consulting is able to use our unique position and network as former airline GCs to help airlines and industry associations tailor their strategies and messages on key issues for the industry and achieve better, fairer outcomes to ensure that aviation remains a strong and vibrant industry. 

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EU 261 Comprehensive Solution

EU261 is a stark example of European consumer regulation that has gone completely wrong and is now undermining safety and consumer welfare, as well as threatening the financial stability of airlines.


Although in its original form it was designed to protect consumers from abusive commercial practices (denied boardings and commercial cancellations), it has been distorted and re-written by various decisions of the European Court of Justice (ECJ) and now encompasses areas that were never intended by the legislature (e.g., delays of over three hours and technical problems affecting the operation of the aircraft).


This extraordinary judicial activism, without proper understanding of the complexity of airline operations, has led to a massive increase in the financial exposure for airlines and also impacts safety as it links financial penalties for delays with technical issues affecting the operation of an aircraft.


Croon Callaghan Aviation Consulting has developed a one-source solution for airlines to reduce the hassle and cost of dealing with this piece of legislation.  Our solution looks at the problem for an airline's perspective and seeks to avoid the problem in the first place, through improvements in operations and passenger handling.  Where delays and cancellations are unavoidable, we help airlines to improve the efficiency of their claims management system with robust procedures and IT solutions.  By managing the process, the airline can keep their passengers (their "bread and butter") close and avoid getting claims management companies (CMCs) involved, who seek only to take advantage of this poor piece of legislation.